Patrick Mauboussin’s artistic contribution to Peace


For decades the French artist Patrick Mauboussin has helped children at risk from many different countries and religious denominations. Patrick Mauboussin stands up for social justice and peace. Patrick Mauboussin, one of the most innovative artist jewelers of past and modern times, has created a ring entitled “Peace Colors” whose beauty inscribes the idea of peace into the consciousness of those who wear it and of those who see it.  Since representatives of often conflict-ridden heterogeneous religious denominations as well as ethnic groups cherish Patrick Mauboussin’s unusual artistic talent and work, he brings them together. In this respect, he is a cultural mediator who prompts people to help protect peace.


Patrick Mauboussin sculptured other important messages into his work. A wedding ring which he designed symbolizes the equality between men and women as well as the idea that gender relationships need to be based on mutual respect and understanding. This message is particularly important because some of his clients live in countries where women often do not enjoy the same rights, professional possibilities, and/or social status as men.

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