In Ottawa

Since the start of its activities in the mid-1990s, the City for the Cultures of Peace has cooperated with the Canadian Ministry of Multiculturalism and faculty members at the University of Ottawa, the largest bilingual university in the world, on projects addressing key political, social, and cultural issues in contemporary plural societies, such as the integration versus exclusion of ethnic and religious minorities, the abuse of women and children, domestic violence, as well as theories of multiculturalism and their implementation via policies.

There are special reasons for this collaboration: Under the prime ministry of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the 1970s and 1980s, the Canadian government introduced the acceptance of cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity as an official policy. In 1973, it established the Ministry of Multiculturalism, and in 1988 it passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. The Department of Canadian Heritage, in charge of administrating the implementation and further development of multicultural policies, has sponsored numerous programs and projects on these key issues, including the participation of Canadian scholars in the international conferences organized by the City for the Cultures of Peace (i.e. in Paris and Buenos Aires) and that of CCP-members from different countries in research programs organized in Canada. At the University of Ottawa, the City for the Cultures of Peace has established a long-term cooperation with the innovative and internationally acknowledged research unit conceptualized and directed by Patrick Imbert, Vice-President of the City for the Cultures of Peace and Ottawa University Research Chair Holder: Canada, “Enjeux sociaux et culturels dans une société du savoir,” which examines the social and cultural challenges in Canada’s knowledge society as well as different models of multiculturalism, their implications and consequences in the Americas. For more information about this research unit, visit its web site at:

The University of Ottawa / l'Université d'Ottawa



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