In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is the “City of Bridges” in a literal and figurative sense. There are over 446 bridges in this former “steel capital of the world.” In this respect, Pittsburgh, USA even beats Venice, Italy.

The multiethnic and multireligious population of Pittsburgh built not only bridges out of steel and stone, but also cultural bridges between the city’s heterogeneous traditions. An example of such bridges for peace are the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning, the 42-story neo-gothic building of the University of Pittsburgh, which recently celebrated its 225th anniversary. See:

University of Pittsburgh: The Cathedral of Learning

The Nationality Rooms are classrooms established thanks to donations of the different ethnic communities in the city. Each of these unique 29 classrooms illustrates ethnic identities and their traditions in yet another country, thereby teaching students the beauty and meaningfulness of different cultures. For more information about the Nationality Rooms, see:

The Nationality Rooms were the setting of some of the lectures and activities organized by the City for the Cultures of Peace in cooperation with several University of Pittsburgh Research and Training Centers such as the Western European and EU Center as well as the Russian and Eastern European Center in the University Center for International Studies as well as the Cultural Studies Program and several Departments, including German and Music, in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. For more information, see: Activities

For a virtual tour of the Nationality Rooms see:



The Austrian Room

The Ukrainian Classroom

The Syria-Lebanon Room

The Italian Room

The English Classroom

The Swiss Classroom

African Heritage Classroom


Rights: Photo 1: PittSkyline082904.jpg, by Fran Rogers (CC-BY-2.5); Photo 2: Cathedral of Learning stitch 1.jpg, by Notyourbroom (GFDL 1.2, CC-BY-3.0); Photos 3-9: Nationality Rooms © University of Pittsburgh, Nationality Rooms.