Imagine Peace!

“Imagine Peace!” is a series of lectures and master classes held by Nobel Laureates and other key personalities of our time who have devoted their work to inscribing the significance of mutual recognition and respect into the consciousness of contemporary societies. The speakers address not only the broad public but also High-School and University students in order to make them aware of the importance to stand up against xenophobia, racism, and fascism.

“Imagine Peace!” was conceptualized by Amy Colin and inaugurated by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka in 2010. Other speakers in this series were Israel and Médicis Laureate Aharon Appelfeld and Nobel Laureate Herta Müller in 2011.

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Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka at the event 'Imagine Peace!' in Lugano, Switzerland, 2010

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka with Prof. Amy Colin and Art Gallerist John Dupuy at the FCP Documentary Exhibition: "Wole Soyinka" curated by Bankole Olayebi (FCP, Lugano, 2010)

Israel Prize Winner Aharon Appelfeld with his translator Chiara Seraphine at the seminar "Peace and Religion!" FCP, Lugano 2011

Nobel Laureate Herta Müller at the FCP Press Conference, Palazzo Civico, Lugano 2011

Nobel Laureate Herta Müller Reading from her Work, FCP Event, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano 2011


Rights: the photos of Herta Müller and Aharon Appelfeld © Susanne Holm; the photo of Wole Soyinka © John Dupuy.