Director Alain Goldschläger

The project will examine the power of the media to either illuminate or to conceal genocides, comparing the representations and interpretations provided by the media in the case of the genocide in Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. Special attention will be given to the analysis of the reason behind the media’s obscuring the “ethnic cleansings” of minorities in these countries as well as in other states.

Genocides have profound moral and political consequences. Any political and human solution to conflicts which lead to genocides needs not only to stop the mass-murder, but also to analyze it in order to prevent future genocides

In addition to examining media representations of genocides, the project will also analyze media interpretations of different cases of exclusion, such as the expulsion of Jewish minorities from Arab countries and of Christians from contemporary Iraq. The ways in which the media often hides or denies the existence of such actions of exclusion is as puzzling and incomprehensible as its concealment of “ethnic cleansing.”