Scientific Directors


Amy Colin, Chair of the CCP-Scientific Board; German Literature Professor, University of Pittsburgh; Research Areas: Coexistence Studies, Shoah Studies; Peter Demetz, Sterling Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Yale University; Research Areas: Prague, Film Studies; Michael Finkenthal, Professor of Physics and Philosophy, The Johns Hopkins University / The Hebrew University; Research Areas: Complexity, Interdisciplinary Studies; Alain Goldschläger, University of Western Ontario, Head of the Canadian Task Force for Holocaust Education; Research Areas: Comparative Genocide Studies, Media Studies; Patrick Imbert, Distinguished Professor and Research Chairholder: Canada, Enjeux sociaux et culturels dans une société du savoir, University of Ottawa; Research Area: Studies of Inclusion/Exclusion; Elke Leonhard, Honorary President of the German Parliamentary Association, former Member of the German Federal Parliament (1990-2005) and Head of the Committee for Culture and Media, Berlin; Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, President of the Foundation Projeto UERÊ, Rio de Janeiro; Research Area and Training Projects: Education of Street Children; Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate and Chair Holder, Research Area: Anti-Racist Education.


Michael Abramovici, Computer Technology Design, Bochum University; Research Area: Technology and Interdisciplinary Studies; Vitasta Bazaz, MD, Child Psychiatry, President of the Sehgal Foundation, Pittsburgh; Research Area: Children with Disabilities; Darlene Berkovitz, PhD (Yale), Musicologist; Research Area: Music and Musicology; Irene Fröhlich, sculptress, Lugano; Henry L. Gates, Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, Director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research, Harvard University; Research Areas: Africa in its Global Dynamics, African-American Studies; Roberto Martinez, ex Director of the Fundacion L. M. Marin, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Research Area: Caribbean Studies; Günter Rebing, PhD (Yale); Research Area: Coexistence Studies, Herbert-Thomas-Mandl-project;  Nina Scribanu, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington DC; Research Area: Children at Risk.

Time and again the Honorary Members of the City for the Cultures of Peace also serve as Scientific Advisors for individual activities.


Joseph von Radowitz, conference manager, Munich; Martin Pius Gloor, auditor, Lugano; Andrew Wayne Moul, IT specialist; Arthur Udler, IT specialist, Pittsburgh.