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Since the start of its activities in the mid-1990s, the City for the Cultures of Peace has cooperated with the Canadian Ministry of Multiculturalism, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and faculty members at the University of Ottawa, the largest bilingual university in the world. University of Ottawa faculty members participated in international conferences and lecture series organized by the City for the Cultures of Peace outside of Canada, while CCP-members took an active part in activities held at the University of Ottawa.

The CCP-partner at this academic institution is the research unit directed by Patrick Imbert, Vice-President of the City for the Cultures of Peace and Ottawa University Research Chair Holder: Canada, “Enjeux sociaux et culturels dans une société du savoir.” Patrick Imbert’s Research Chair “is dedicated to the analysis of stereotypes, of cultural displacements, and of the transformation of self-images and the images of the ‘other’ in the context of the important increase of cultural and economic exchanges in the Americas and their transformation under the influence of globalization. The study of these socio-cultural challenges aims to capitalize on knowledge through creative reflection, in order to lead Canadians to peacefully spread their influence throughout the world while risking cultural, technological and economical innovation,” writes Patrick Imbert in the “Mission Statement.” For more information visit its web site at:

Members of the CCP-international network were active participants in the programs and projects of this University of Ottawa research unit, thereby establishing a hub of joint activities at this academic institution. CCP-members gave lectures at some of the unit’s international conferences held at the University of Ottawa, including “Trans-inter-multi-culturalité, trans-inter-multi-disciplinarité et Amériques plurielles” (4-5 November 2010), “Exclusions/Inclusions: Economic and Symbolic Displacements in the Americas” (10-12 May 2004), and “L’Interculturel et l’économie à l’œuvre : discours, exclusions et inclusion. Colloque international” (January 2003). CCP-members also contributed to the unit’s long-term research projects funded by the Canadian government (INÉ) such as: “Les Discours économiques transnationaux et la mondialisation dans les médias et les textes de vulgarisation au Canada en comparaison avec l’Amérique Latine : déplacements culturels et économiques.” The results of these international conferences and research projects are available via publications.

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