In Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, the “City of Bridges,” located at the confluence of two rivers–Allegheny and Monongahela–forming the Ohio river, there are not only 446 steel and stone bridges, but also numerous cultural bridges, safeguarding the stability and peace between the different nationalities in this multicultural urban biotope which was once the “steel capital of the world.”

Since the start of world-wide activities in the mid-1990s, the City for the Cultures of Peace has cooperated time and again with the University of Pittsburgh, its University Center for International Relations, in particular the Center for Western European Studies/EU Center of Excellence, the Russian and Eastern European Center, the Cultural Studies Program, as well as several Departments in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Activities at the University of Pittsburgh included lectures, seminars, and musical recitals often held in the unique Nationality Rooms of the Cathedral of Learning, a 42-story neo-gothic cathedral which is a landmark and the central building on the campus of this university. Among the activities which took place abroad, i.e. in France, Germany, and Argentina, were international conferences and Forums for the Cultures of Peace. Some of the participants in these events were both Honorary Members of the City for the Cultures of Peace and faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh. For more information activities in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh, see: Chronology and Highlights in Pittsburgh.

Currently, the Sehgal Fund in Memory of Dr. Kuldeep Sehgal of the Pittsburgh Foundation (USA) establishes a new program for children with learning disabilities in cooperation with the City for the Cultures of Peace.


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